We’re a Multi-vertical Affiliate Network ADLEADPRO
if you’re interested in media buying and earning money with affiliate programs, but don’t know how, let’s get to know each other
earn with affiliate programs
affiliate programs are the basis for making money online: both for advertisers and media buyers. This is how it works:
  1. [20%]Advertiser places an offer on an affiliate network to attract leads
  2. [70%]Publisher sees the offer and can drive traffic
  3. [100%]The advertiser acquires new clients, the publisher - reward for the work
![!] In ADLEADPRO you can work with any vertical in any GEO. Just message our manager to get the best offers for your traffic.

ADLEADPRO manager telegram

work with traffic how to start
roadmap for beginners:
  1. Choose a traffic source and an offer (our managers always help you choose the best offer for your traffic)
  2. Go through our BLOG to learn more about how to do media buying Blog
  3. Make creatives (we also give advice on creatives and funnels in our guides)
  4. Set up a tracker (check out our guide here) Read
  5. Buy accounts, work with self-registration and farming, or with agent ad accounts from our resale services
  6. Launch campaigns, optimize and get profit
  7. ![!] our expertise as a multi-vertical global affiliate network is always at your service
![!] our expertise as a multi-vertical global affiliate network is always at your service
driving traffic, to earn money how to choose
  • [WAP-CLICK]mobile subscriptions where money is charged by the operator. Media buying teams (even small ones) easily drive several thousand conversions a day.

  • [SWEEPSTAKES]Giveaways — remain a profitable vertical in media buying. Users are happy to share personal data in the hope of winning.

  • [NUTRA]health, youth complexes, treating diseases are always relevant. Our publishers work with top products from our Asian advertisers with the best CPA.

  • [CPI]mobile/desktop installs, totally white-hat that can bring good revenue.

  • ![!] ADLEADPRO — is a multi-vertical affiliate network with offers for any type of traffic. In our blog we share how to work with all of them. read blog
![!] ADLEADPRO — is a multi-vertical affiliate network with offers for any type of traffic. In our blog we share how to work with all of them. read blog. read blog
advantages of working with ADLEADPRO
  1. [offers]5,000+ offers where CR can be up to 1:6
  2. [geo]wide geography: LATAM, Asia, Europe, MENA, Southern Africa and Northern America
  3. [adv]local advertisers with big caps that no one else has
  4. [sources]drive traffic from Facebook, TikTok, BEGO, push/pop ad networks and private sources
  5. [thousands of media buyers from all over the world are working with us!]sign up
  • What is ADLEADPRO affiliate network? ADLEADPRO — is a multivertical global CPA-network, providing offers in mVas (WAP-Click), Sweepstakes, Nutra, CPI and other verticals. We work all over the world and we bring together traffic monetization and products / services promotion. We provide Advertises with high-quality traffic from the TOP Publishers.
  • Why is it profitable to work with ADLEADPRO?It’s been 8 years since we started in affiliate marketing business. During this time we’ve gained enough expertise and useful connections to give our partners the best deal on the market. Through a personal manager every publisher has the opportunity to get an agent ad account for any type of traffic, have a white app to work with mVas (WAP-Click) offers and get a discount or a bonus to a deposit in ad networks and services.
  • What verticals are popular in ADLEADPRO?At the moment we have offers in almost any popular vertical in media buying industry: WAP-Click, Sweepstakes, Nutra, CPI, Finance, Dating, iGaming. We also have some offers in E-commerce and SP/BS-offers.
  • What GEOs do we accept?In our catalogue you can find more than 5000 offers for almost any GEO. We have great choice in Asia, LATAM, MENA countries, Indonesia, Western Europe, North America and Southern Africa.
  • What traffic sources do you work with?In ADLEADPRO we accept traffic from any source that is not prohibited by the advertiser. In 99.9% of the time you can’t work with only incentivized traffic or fraud. Most of our partners accept traffic from Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, Bigo Ads, push/pop-networks.
  • What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?In ADLEADPRO we don’t have a threshold for money withdrawal. You can basically withdraw any sum of money via your personal manager.
  • What days do we usually pay our publishers?You get paid within 24 hours after submitting a request.
  • What payout models do we work with?Depending on the vertical: we work with CPA, CPL, SOI, DOI, CPI.
  • What is the hold in our affiliate network?Hold usually depends on the flow of a specific offer or vertical. For example, in mVas (WAP-Click) conversion appears once the mobile operator got the money from the user. If the user doesn’t have enough money on their account, the conversion will only be seen afterthe operator managed to charge the user. After getting money for the subscription, a publisher can be paid almost immediately.

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